Our Services


Castle Rock Veterinary Hospital provides quality and progressive medicine for your pets whether large or small.  Here at Uinta Veterinary Hospital we strive to find an answer to your pet's problems.  We have updated equipment to provide progressive medicine that will help us to determine the diagnosis of your pet.  

Orthopedic Surgery

CRVH is certified in small animal orthopedic surgery.  We complete procedures such as TPLO repairs, ACL repair, fracture repairs, luxating patella repairs, and many other specialty repairs.  We currently get referrals from all over the state of Wyoming and also clients that come to us from Utah for repairs.  

Herd Health 

CRVH provides well rounded herd health services.  We offer a complete herd health program for producers who choose to participate.  We also offer: pregnancy diagnosis, trich and semen testing, PAP testing (pulmonary arterial pressure), brucellosis vaccination, heifer spaying, and treatment of all herd species.    

Routine Surgeries

CRVH provides many routine and emergency surgeries.  Because we are practicing high quality medicine we run pre-anesthetic blood work on your pet before they are anesthetized so that we can understand if there are any underlying medical problems that can impact being under anesthesia.  We have a dedicated technician to monitor vital signs and recovery and we also end the procedure with injectable pain medication, laser therapy to help with the healing process, and send your pet home with a can of food that eases their stomach after their procedure. 

Equine Chiropractic

Dr. Ben Osborne is certified in Equine chiropractics.  This is an alternative medicine that provides equine patients opportunities to perform to the high standards that their bodies demand of them.  Because Dr. Osborne is a doctor of veterinary medicine he can diagnose any underlying problems with your horse that a human chiropractor could not such as lameness issues, neurological problems, and other performance issues.   

Dental Care

Castle Rock Veterinary Hospital provides quality dental care for your pets large or small.  Small animals are anesthetized to perform the dental to allow proper care of their teeth and to allow for any extractions that need to take place.  Large animals are sedated so that our veterinarians can also care properly for their teeth.  

Equine Services

CRVH provides routine and extensive services for horses.  We complete services from routine castrations, lacerations, lameness exams, pre-purchase exams, hock injections, to more extensive procedures such as neurectomies, regional limb perfusions, hernia repairs, skin grafts as well as others.  

Reproduction Services

Currently, CRVH can perform reproduction services on small and large animals. 


Each Spring/Summer we perform reproduction services on cattle and horses routinely.  We are certified in embryo transfer in cattle.

Small animal reproduction services are routinely performed on dogs here at our facility.  


Routine vaccinations are given at CRVH for large and small animals.  Vaccinations are given to animals to prevent the spread of diseases as well as help in the overall health of your pet.  Don't hesitate to ask us what we recommend for vaccination protocols for your large or small animals.  

Payment Options

Currently, Castle Rock Veterinary Hospital requires that all services rendered are paid in full at the time your pet is discharged.  We currently offer payments made with cash, check, all major credit cards, as well as Care Credit, and Scratch Pay .  We understand that some folks run into financial burdens and by offering multiple avenues of payment, we hope that there is a fit for each one of you.  Below are the links to apply for alternate payment methods.