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Dental Education 
Preventative Dentals are essential to your pet's livelihood and longevity.  Dental Disease is the most common pet disease and can occur by the age of 3 years old.  Get your pet in for a good dental cleaning today.  

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Zoonotic what???
Zoonotic is one of those words that may be difficult to comprehend but in fact it means that a disease can be contracted from animals to humans.  Such diseases include but are not limited to rabies, anthrax, tularemia, West Nile, and many more.  It is important that we take proper care of our animals and vaccinate them to help prevent some of these diseases.  

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Parasites in Pets
Did you know that some types of parasites in pets can be contracted by humans.  Especially children who usually are in close contact with pets.  Parasites can be taken care of with proper deworming medication.  All species of pets need a proper deworming protocol each year.  

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EHV-1 in Equines
EHV-1 in horses is currently a large topic because of the known outbreaks associated with some horses that have attended some major shows around the U.S.  Many horses are exposed to this virus at a young age although they never show signs of sickness.  Read the article below to gain facts regarding this virus and what you can do to help protect your horses.